Personal stylist Daniela Cerna is very succesfull at her work, but finding a boyfriend is complete disaster. The movie was completely produced in just two days of October 2012 for the Prague 48 Hour Film Project and was Second Runner-Up in Audience Award. The character of Daniela Cerna, personal stylist, the prop “ring” and the line “They used to call me the captain” had to be placed in the movie. We draw the genre of horror, but we decided to do a sort of different definition of horror.


 Zuzana Krajickova: Daniela Cerna
Tomas Fiala: “The Sniffer”
Tomas Dolezal: “The Captain”
Tamara Zubac: girl on a bench
Tamara Ksirova: girl on a bench
Alzbeta Cermakova: girl on a bench
Sarka Novakova: Jane
Martin Mudr: “The Puke”
Vaclav Jindrich: the waiter
Marek Krajnik: the playboy
Katka Mestanova: playboy’s girlfriend
Tomas Holy: Otto
Written and directed by: Stepan Etrych
Story idea by: Stepan Etrych & Katka Mestanova
Produced by: Stepan Etrych
Cinematography by: Stepan Etrych
Sound recording: Tomas Fiala, Tomas Dolezal & Martin Mudr
Clapperboard: Sarka Novakova & Katka Mestanova
Script supervisor: Tamara Zubac
Lightning: Tamara Ksirova, Martin Mudr & Marek Krajnik
Making of: Vaclav Jindrich
Complete postproduction: Stepan Etrych
Music by: Stepan Etrych in Apple Logic Pro


Technical specs
Runtime: 6:40 min
Aspect ratio: 2,35:1
Resolution: 1080p/24fps
Camera: Canon 600D
Lenses: Canon, Tamron, Carl Zeiss
Festivals & Awards
* 48 Hour Film Project / Prague, Czech Republic
* Aerokraťas / Prague, Czech Republic
* Festival Černá věž / České Budějovice, Czech Republic – NOMINATED: BEST SHORT FILM



The whole 48 hour operation started on Friday around 6:30 PM in a bar called Chapeau Rouge, where the festival kick-off took place. Drawing the genres brought us horror and each team had to put in the movie required elements: the character of Daniela Cerna, personal stylist, the prop “ring” and the line “They used to call me the captain”.

Knowing that, we could start the creative process. After a quick dinner, our team counting 13 members decided to make a different kind of horror. We developed the story and divided the roles and around 11:30 PM most crew members went home to sleep some hours. But the preproduction process did not finished by that: Katka and Sarka had to prepare the goulash mash  for the scene at the outside seating restaurant, Stepan was drawing the storyboards. We got to beds very late, the director did not felt asleep at all…

The team gathered at 8:00 AM at Pankrac Central Park and after some 80 minutes of getting things ready, the first shot was made. We started with the scene of Luke “The Puke”, the final shots were complicated by the preparation of political event near our spot: building the children castle was making awkward noise. Finished with Luke, we followed at midday shooting the Daniela’s scene waiting for Otto to come. Two hours later, the Mark “The Captain” bench sequence was shot – again in the same park. Once finished, we head off to the Prague subway to capture Mark’s entry to the story.

Before getting home, two shots of Luke meeting Daniela were done, in a light rain. After some minutes of rest, we moved to the basement at 6:00 PM. Ninety minutes later this scene was over and postproduction started by selecting the shots. At 11:00 PM the shooting finished with the Mike “The Sniffer” scene, when the actor Tomas came back from a football match. Around midnight the last shot was finished and then, the post started up at full speed.

Early morning, the editing and color correcting work was done. Creating the music was the next task, but due to some technical difficulties it took more time than expected. Anyway, at 1:30 only two things were missing: the inner voice of the main character and end credits. The final verSion, – after checking it – was burned to DVDs at 5:30 PM and delivered to the drop-off place at Chapeau Rouge, one hour before the deadline.

PS: The director Stepan didn’t sleep 64 hours in a row: since Friday’s 8 AM till Sunday’s 11 PM…