A little bit of nostalgia… This was the very beginning of Aquarius Pictures. We prepared the debut movie with a team of friends for the shooting starting in summer of 2007. Anyway, even the cinema sometimes works in mysterious ways, so we did not shot the movie. The first try didn’t work out in mid of July, the second at the end of August. But with the most devoted crew members – Marta Kostalova and Filip Hubicka – we decided we would shot our first movie anyway. However completely different one.


 Filip Hubicka: Leo
Marta Kostalova: Hana

Written and directed by: Stepan Etrych
Produced by: Stepan Etrych
Cinematography by: Stepan Etrych
Sound recording: Stepan Etrych
Complete postproduction: Stepan Etrych
Music by: LOTR soundtrack, Shrek soundtrack, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer soundtrack, Enya


Technical specs
Runtime: 9:36 min
Aspect ratio: 1,85:1
Resolution: 576p/25fps
Camera: Panasonic DVX100B
Lenses: Leica, Canon
* The shooting took place in Lesany and Prosecnice, near the Sazava river. Almost the complete first day was raining.
* The idea for the story was inspired by the Czech mystic Eduard Tomas tales.
* We shot with the depth-of-field adapter which turned the image upside down and left to right, so the moving shots were quite difficult 🙂



The screenplay is inspired by the Czech mystic Eduard Tomas short stories and was written very quickly. It took us one weekend to write it and we shot the movie in two days.

The first day – Thursday, September 27 – was very rainy so we could start shooting as late as in the early evening. The first two minutes of the movies were completed then and just Stepan and Filip were on the spot. Marta joined us on Saturday for the second day. The production was underestimated concerning the number of crew members. Both actors were performing and the director had to do all the filmmaking jobs: they are hidden under pseudonyms in the end credits.

On Saturday, September 29, we had good luck with the weather, but amateur motocyclist raced around the pond “Beranek” near the Lesany village where the shooting took place. It was no problem, until we started with the dialogue scene… The tough guys on motorbikes were later joined by the ice cream delivery car Family Frost. It’s “intoxicating” jingle completed the scenery of our mystic love story. Prick up your ears and you can hear the “ice cream theme” in the gag reel video (at 1:40 min).