Night, a bottle of whiskey and two glasses on a table, as well as a pack of cuban cigars and tarot cards. There is a man in a white shirt sitting at the table, suffering as hell. Meanwhile, radio news about a very dangerous offender wounded in a gunfight sound in the room… The movie was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5 for the shorts competition at the film festival Febiofest 2014.


 Man: Michal Simek
Woman: Katka Mestanova
Radio presenter: Vaclav Jindrich
Directed by: Stepan Etrych
Written by: Stepan Etrych
Screenplay cooperation: Vaclav Jindrich, Katka Mestanova, Michal Simek, Josef Petrak
Produced by: Stepan Etrych
Assistant director: Vaclav Jindrich
Cinematography by: Stepan Etrych
Film editor: Štěpán Etrych
VFX and sound design: Stepan Etrych
Makeup: Katka Mestanova
Lighting: Josef Petrak
Sound recording: Vaclav Jindrich
Music by: Marco Neumann, Daniel Dust, Brandon Matias


Tech specs
Runtime: 2:21 min
Aspect ratio: 2,35:1
Resolution: 1080p/24fps
Camera: iPhone 5
Lenses: iPhone 5, Phocus Telephoto, Wide Angle & Macro
Recording app: FilmicPro app
Slider: Konova K3 100 cm
* Febiofest / Prague, Cyech Republic
* Salon Int. de la Luz / Bogota, Columbia
* Feria Int. de Cine / Manizales, Columbia
* Cinephone Int. Film Festival / Barcelona, Spain
* Naoussa Int. Film Festival / Naoussa, Greece
* CIM Sueca / Sueca, Spain
* Maipu Cortos / Maipu, Argentina
* Short of the Month / online, India
* Int. Short Film Festival Fenaco / Cusco, Peru
* Siliguri Int. Film Festival / Siliguri, India
* Mobile Film Festival / Skopje, Macedonia
* Prokuplje Short Film Festival / Prokuplje, Serbia