• Bitches & Assholes Musical

    An ordinary pizza boy love story. The Bitches & Assholes musical was shot entirely on an iPhone for the 48 Hour Film Project 2017. It won four awards at the festival, including the Audience Award.

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  • Running sushi. Really running.

    Animated short film inspired by those popular running sushi restaurants. In this case, pieces of sushi run on an athletics track to become a new champion.

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  • New movie shot on an iPhone

    He is brave Jack, she is charming Kitty, and they hunt zombies in a Hollywood blockbuster. But someone else is spoiling their romantic love… The short movie WE’VE GOT COMPANY was entirely shot on an iPhone 6S Plus.

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  • A student love, the eternal love

    An old man is remembering his true love from a student age from the 60s. When he was young, he was very shy and was not able to tell her about his feelings. The romance Three Words was shot in 4K with Miloslav Mejzlik, Brigita Cmuntova and Jan Tenkrat as main stars.

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  • Bubbles. Shot on an iPhone

    Short film Bubbles Don't Lie was shot entirely on an iPhone 5. The film is based on a short story by Czech journalist and writer Milos Cermak. It was selected to more than 70 film festivals around the world, winning 15 awards, for example in San Diego, Dallas, Toronto, Barcelona or Sydney.

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  • Back to the 90’s

    Retro comedy from the beginning of the 90's when Czechoslovakia was breaking up, and very similar situation lived the Drobny family. The movie won Best Directing and Audience Award at the Bratislava 48 Hour Film Project 2014.

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  • Driving School stories

    Our own funny stories from driving school or those of our friends inspired us to make this short movie. It was shot in just 48 hours and won the Audience Award at the Prague 48 Hour Film Project 2014.

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  • Redemption. Shot on an iPhone

    Short film Redemption was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5 for the short films competition of Febiofest 2014 film festival.

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  • Five Worlds and their secrets

    A mysterious story without words starts at the bottom of a tea cup. The movie won the Best Editing Award at 2013 Festival des Jeunes Cineastes in France.

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Aquarius Pictures. We make movies. With love

From the story idea to the closing credits.


We love movies and make them with enthusiasm.  We believe working with love is necessary for best results.
We are creative  and always try to develop the ideas in a new way. Each idea is interesting and worth considering.
The devil is in the detail. We don’t underestimate any triffle, because the final work is the sum of them.
We produce the movies in the full range – from the first idea to the complete postproduction.