A mysterious story without words starts at the bottom of a tea cup a lead us to five different worlds of dusky tearooms, colourful mandalas, strange planetas or games of chess. “Five Worlds” was our first DSLR short and was shot in three days of November and December of 2011 in Prague. The movie won Best Editing Award at 2013 Festival des Jeunes Cineastes in France.


Kamila Etrychova: the tearoom girl
Jan Petrak: the mandala boy
Katka Mestanova: the bathtub girl
Josef Petrak: the photographer
Jan Mestan Jr.: the twins
Written and directed by: Stepan Etrych
Cinematography by: Stepan Etrych
Complete postproduction: Stepan Etrych
Music by: Stepan Etrych in Apple Logic Pro


Technical specs
Runtime: 7:17 min
Aspect ratio: 2,35:1
Resolution: 1080p/25fps
Camera: Canon 600D
Lenses: Canon, Tamron, Carl Zeiss
Festivals & Awards
* Aerokraťas / Prague, Czech Republic
* Festival des Jeunes Cineastes et Publicitaires / Paris, France – BEST EDITING
* Festival de Cortometrajes de la Unión / La Union, Colombia



The screenplay was very specific concerning the roles: all the men characters were shot outside in the freezing end of 2011, the female ones inside warm rooms. But appearances can be deceptive. The water in the bathtub was lukewarm to avoid vapour that would smear the make-up and blur the camera lense. And at the end of 90 minutes shooting, the water attracted just the winter swimmers.

The chosen place in of the tearooms in Letna was ocuppied by some tourists the day of shooting, so we moved to the second attic nest. You can’t notice that from the movie, but beside our four crew members the same small room was ocuppied by another seven people.

We were lucky with the weather at the Vitkov hill: it was clear sky with no light change. It was essential for shooting the twins sequence with no twins on spot.

But the enigmatic planet did not show up at Vysehrad, so we had to made our own in postproduction. On the contrary, the colourful mandala painting in the Pankrac Central park is real. Congratulations to its creators.